Monday, August 9, 2010

Interview with writer Ned Raggett

I'm pleased to present Part One of my three-part podcast/interview with music critic and (self-described) "freelance gadabout" Ned Raggett -- proprietor of Ned Raggett Ponders it All (the "all" implying not just music, but cooking, movies, politics, life, etc.), poster/moderator extraordinaire at the I Love Music and I Love Everything message boards, Twitterer, Tumblrer, Flickrer, All Music Guider... you name it, Ned's there. (Me, I first became familiar with the name "Ned Raggett" through the almighty ILM.) Also of note here, as these both come up in our discussion: Ned's recent participation in a PopMatters roundtable of various music critics; and an excellent case put forth a couple years back regarding the non-imperativeness of making year-end lists -- a case I've heard many times before, but rarely so convincingly.

Ned and I begin our chat by discussing his beginnings as a writer and music fan, before veering off into all sorts of writing and web-based subjects. This portion of the interview took place in person, in Toronto, during Ned's recent jaunt to the east coast (he's currently situated in Costa Mesa, CA). Part two and three of our chat will commence later this week (with a "bonus beat" to follow).


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